Sending Email From Hotels.


Unable to send out email from a coffee shop or hotel internet connection?

In an effort to prevent spam, many public internet access points no longer allow outgoing mail connections.

If you are connected to a public access point and are unable to send email, and the connection you are using does not provide any updated outgoing mail server settings for you to use, you may still be able to use your providers outgoing email service.

Just change the outgoing mail server (SMTP) port number in your email client to ‘587’ and try sending email again. This workaround is supported by many public access points; if you are still unable to send, you can change this setting back to the default, ’25, and ask the administrator of the connection you are using for an updated outgoing server name to use.


What the heck are you talking about?


Make a simple change in your email settings. Here's how.

Open Outlook Express | Tools | Accounts | Highlight your account | Properties | Advanced Tab and change the number in Outgoing Mail [SMTP] to 587.

Now try sending a message to yourself. If it works, you can send to any mail server that allows relays. Some may not work. If you run into that problem when you can send to yourself, contact the administrator of that service and ask how you can get email to the person you need to.

Remember, you should usually change the setting back to 25 when you return home.